Stainless Steel 303
from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd


Stainless Steel 303

Grade 303 Stainless steel represents superior machinability over all other austenitic stainless steels due to the addition of sulphur in the material.


The sulphur however, does reduce the material’s resistance to corrosion as well as causing poor weldability results.


The uses of grade 303 are as follows:


·     Nuts & bolts

·     Bushings

·     Shafts

·     Aircraft fittings

·     Electrical switchgear components

·     Gears



Stainless Steel 303 is available from us in bars and Hexagons in the following sizes…



Bar: from 3mm dia – 7” dia


Hexagon: from .3125” dia – 2.500” dia

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