Stainless Steel 303
from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd



Tolerances on diameter, for general purposes.

Round Bar:

Between 10mm and 15mm   = +/- 0.4mm

Between 16mm and 25mm   = +/- 0.5mm

Between 26mm and 35mm   = +/- 0.6mm

Between 36mm and 50mm   = +/- 0.8mm

Between 52mm and 80mm   = +/- 1.0mm

Between 85mm and 100mm  = +/- 1.3mm

Between 105mm and 120mm = +/- 1.5mm

Between 125mm and 160mm = +/- 2.0mm

Between 165mm and 200mm = +/- 2.5mm


220mm= +/- 3.0mm

250mm= +/- 4.0mm

Tolerances on diameter, for precision purposes.

Round bar:

Between 10mm and 12mm= +/- 0.15mm

Between 13mm and 22mm= +/- 0.20mm

Between 24mm and 30mm= +/- 0.25mm

Between 32mm and 40mm= +/- 0.30mm

Between 42mm and 52mm= +/- 0.40mm

Between 55mm and 75mm= +/- 0.50mm

Tolerances on hexagons:

Width across flats:

Between 13mm and 15mm     = +/- 0.4mm

Between 16mm and 23.5mm   = +/- 0.5mm

Between 25.5mm and 33.5mm = +/- 0.6mm

Between 35.5mm and 47.5mm = +/- 0.8mm

Between 52mm and 78mm     = +/- 1.0mm

Between 83mm and 98mm     = +/- 1.3mm

103mm                     = +/- 1.5mm


Corner Radius:

Below 20.0mm= up to a 1.5mm radius.

Over 20.0mm to 28.5mm= up to 2.0mm radius.

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